We teach your sales reps and customer service staff how buyers actually think, so they can sell in the most natural & effective way.

This is the only sales training your business will ever need.



Sales is the life-blood of all organisations - including non-profits and government (in which case 'buyers' are simply referred to as users, members, ratepayers, patients, community etc. and 'sales' are instead called service provisions, memberships, subscribers, voters etc.). Nothing happens until a sale takes place - as it is the unit wherein value is exchanged from one to another. Simply put, whether made by sales people, websites or vending machines; sales are really the entire point of any organisation as it is the mechanism by which we all participate in the economy. Sales therefore, are the most important activity that exists in any commercial or non-commercial concern. You want to ensure that you are doing sales better, more efficiently and in greater volumes than your competitors are, or else you will lose your buyers very quickly and with them, the viability of your organisation. Sales are the frontline in your particular competitive field, so your game is either won or lost here. Yes, you need to be very good at sales.

Unfortunately, sales are for almost all businesses, the most expensive part of its operations. It is imperative therefore, that your sales staff (whom represent both your biggest asset and your biggest expense) out-perform the rest of your industry. The Business Firm helps you achieve world's best practise in sales in three complementary ways: firstly, by creating a strategic sales plan customised to your industry that is integrated with your marketing and business plans; and secondly, by providing super-effective sales technique training to your entire sales force so they are better than your competitors' sales teams; and thirdly, we deliver good, basic sales and customer service training to the rest of your staff to ensure your entire organisation is customer-driven and that your clients only ever experience a unified, knowledgable and helpful organisation, regardless who serves them. Superior sales technique, an entire staff that is aligned toward customer satisfaction and having the right product that offers just what customers need, in a manner that is easy and enjoyable to buy...will ensure they buy again when it is time.

We provide live sales traiining in house at your premises; we provide sales training at events and sales conference venues; and we provide sales training live remotely via Skype or videoconferencing. We provide sales training to clients anywhere in the world. - either live or remotely.

"We ensure the efforts and money you invest in your sales reps and customer service staff returns to you the highest possible financial rewards".



The Business Firm creates strategic marketing for businesses that significantly grow your brand - which makes it easier for your sales team to sell. Marketing materials we create can give you significant increases in sales, improvements in profit margins and substantial growth of your brand in the market.

We create all the things you need to sell more - all the things that will make it easier for your sales teams to find and convert new leads into buyers. Some of these include:

  • advertising (see)
  • sales & explainer videos (see)
  • website design optimised for sales conversion (see)
  • SEO that generates leads that can be passed on to your sales team (see)
  • we prepare professional proposals and sales presentations for businesses that you can use to find more customers (see)
  • graphic design, print & publish of materials that support your sales team and the sales process (see)
  • professional photography thath helps your products and service staff look professional and credible (see)
  • if you sell to or are exporting to overseas markets we can provide transaltion services and repurposing of your existing (or create new) marketing materials to suit buyers in the target language (see)
  • YouTube videos that help generate leads for your sales team (see)
  • Training videos, training manuals and eLearning resources to help you train your sales and customer service teams more effecitvely and more efficiently (see)
  • Point of Sale (POS) signage and in-store merchandising displayss that help drive passive sales of your products and services (see)

The Business Firm is a high end marketing and sales consultancy, offering the full suite of business services to commercial and non-profit organisations worldwide.

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We invite you to request a free discussion with one of our sales trainers who will provide you an initial videoconference by Skype (or a phone call), to discuss how our training will help your business become a super performing sales organisation that deliveres market-beating customer service. This initial meeting carries no obligation to your business nor does it carry any charge. We are experienced in sales training for almost every sector of the Australian economy, including automotive, agriculture, industrial, retail, education, wholesales, B2B. hospitality, publishing, legal, financial services, IT, health and general commercial. We are well positioned to help your business' sales improve significantly.

Your free sales training consultation is open to businesses from anywhere in the world, but must be conducted in English or Italian.