In order to give you superb ROI on your video investments, we create them so they are super engaging, highly polished and informative - three vital aspects that all our video productions deliver tremendous results for our clients. The results of our videos include sales conversions, influencing attitudes, changing behaviours and building your brand. We will create for you a world-class, advertising commercial, corporate video, educational programme, eLearning module, PR piece, investor video, demonstration video, sales video, event coverage or other type of video production; in full HD with either a cinematic feel or a news feel.

We have a lot of experience in planning the most effective, high converting video for your business, non-profit, government organisation or educational institution. The effectiveness of video is measured by its ability to achieve the results you intended. We ensure the videos we create are based upon a proper understanding of the actual perceptions that buyers have toward your brand and most importantly, a proper understanding of the needs and wants of that buyer. Only by knowing this, can we produce a video for your organisation that will solicit the change in attitudes, the brand recognition, the connection with your cause, the purchase behaviour or the voting intent that forms the basis of your video campaign and the desired purpose for using using video. The videos we produce then focus on delivering effective attitudinal or behavioural change in your target market.

We will film, edit and publish the video content to whatever internet distribution platform you choose (YouTube, Vimeo, FaceBook, LinkedIn etc.) as well as to disc for archive or further duplication.

Our in-house photography studio will make your products and people look amazing, so the quality of your product of service and the professionalism of your brand is best represented in your videos.

Our video production suite offers a specific YouTube Video Service to organisations wishing to take full advantage of the world's most powerful video marketing platform.

We can also STREAM LIVE any event as a live, internet broadcast to make that event accessible to any person worldwide via a simple web broswer.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for pricing.



We can create for your organisation a number of audio assets:

MUSIC COMPOSITION. We can write a dedicated piece of music or score as background or feature music for your video production. See our music composition service.

JINGLES. We can compose, record and mix high quality, catchy music to accompany your radio advertisement, or YouTuve video preroll ads.

VOICE OVER & RADIO ADS. We can create the script, hire the voice talent, record the ad, mix (with or without music) and publish audio messages of both a commercial or community announecement nature.

PODCASTS: We produce world-class podcasts in any genre. We can write, compose theme music, edit interviews and produce entire podcast shows. Here is an example of our own podcast.

AUDIO BOOKS. We can adapt existing text books for audio production, hire voice over actors (or you can read your own book), record all parts, edit, produce and prepare for worldwide distribution in iBooks, Amazon, Audible, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Stitcher, YouTube or any other internet platform. Our scriptwriters ensure your content professionally represents your brand and is designed to provide the highest sales conversion rate possible. We can also create physical CDs (compact discs) for traditional distribution and sale. The Business Firm's in-house marketing department is also able to help sell your audio book.

We can also STREAM LIVE any event as a live, internet broadcast to make that event accessible to any person worldwide via a simple web broswer.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for pricing.



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