The Business Firm is one of the very best advertising agencies in Australia and New Zealand. The Business Firm provides both digital marketing and advertising as well as having an integrated television advertising video production studio that also produces radio advertising for clients worldwide.

Our in-house graphic design studio also creates advertisements for the web, for digital magazines and for websites, including social media sites such as FaceBook ads, LinkedIn ads and YouTube ads. The social media ads we create can be either static images or full video - we have the capability to produce both passive and interactive commercials. Our professional photography studio works very closely with both our graphic design and video advertising teams in order to produce the most appealing photographs required to achieve the objectives of the advertising campaign.

We have a dedicated copywriting team that writes high quality advertising copy that communicates all the benefits of your product, service or brand to the target market in a way that is most persuasive and that achieves the highest possible sales conversions for your advertising budget.

We also plan, create, execute and manage internet search advertising campaigns for our clients, for Google AdWords, for Bing search and Yahoo search; as well as ads for Amazon and ads for podcasts.

We have decades of experience creating advertising for print media, including magazine advertisements, newspaper display ads, outdoor (out-of-home media) advertising such as billboards, bus stop shelters, public display kiosks, mall banners, shop displays, moving signs, point-of-sale signage, plus general print advertising like flyers, coupons, sales promotions and product packaging.

The Business Firm is a fully integrated advertising agency of the highest order, offering a total marketing and advertising solution for businesses wishing to generate leads for their sales team, to build brand awareness and to increase their market share in their industry. Everything your business needs in respect to advertising can be found here at The Business Firm.

Please contact us by Skype for a free, confidential consult about what would constitute the most cost effective advertising for your business, non-profit or government organisation.

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The Business Firm prepares high quality, strategic marketing plans for businesses that will greatly grow your brand and generate leads for your sales team. Much of the initial work lies in our creating advertisements designed to capture the attention of your target audience. These initial ads are your first line in approaching new prospects into your sales funnel. We work closely with your to ensure we understand well, the things that are important to your customers and then capture their attention with this initial advertising.

We then employ methods of advertising that seek to bring these newly captured prospects into your 'world' (usually a landing page on yoru website, or even a physical store in their area) where the visitor is given informaiton of utmost interest to their particular need or want, so they learn how your business, product, service or brand can solve their problem or provide the benefit they seek. Presented correctly and in the appropriate format, this advertising seeks to move them to take actioni and contact you. This is called lead generation and provides your sales team (or subsequent pages in your website) the opportunity to no now convert these sales leads into actual buyers.

Of course, we create for you all the appropriate sales tools to help your sales team or website convert these leads into buyers. These tools include: videos, diagrams, web pages, FAQs, calculators and financial projection simulators, spreadsheets, brochures, catalogues and other printed or electronic sales tools that your sales reps, customer service staff and agents can use to convince people to buy. These tools can also be embedded on your website or uploaded to YouTube, FaceBook, LknkedIn or any other digital marketing or sales platform.

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The Business Firm assists Australian companies wishing to access overseas markets such as the U.S., Canada, China, India, Europe and Africa. We can provide services including translation of your English marketing assets into foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic or Japanese.

Other services include video production and voiceovers in foreign languages; as well as sign language for markets where accessibility or heaing impaired buyers are important or mandated.

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