If your business, nonprofit or government organisation wants to get the attention of the media, the attention of the public and the attention of buyers in your market, The Business Firm is the best PR (public relations) agency in Australia you will want to build your PR campaign. Public relations can be applied both for short term objectives or a specific project (e.g. an event, an opening, a launch, a public awareness campaign); or it can be ongoing to continually raise and improve the public profile of a brand, business, product, service, idea or concept.

Public Relations are especially useful to build favourable public opinon of your business, of your brand or of your cause or particular area of concern. PR leverages the use of the media in particular through the art of publicity to seek free press coverage of your event, your cause, fundraiser or your commercial product launch. The Business Firm prepares high quality press releases that seek to capture the interest of the local, national and global media to provide rapid, mass proliferation of your message. Our public relations campaigns utilise both mass media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) as well as digital channels such as social media (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) and the power of video specific to YouTube.

The Business Firm creates PR campaigns that include video, audio, text and websites (e.g. blogs, articles etc.) and print assets to get your message across quickly, effectively and as cheaply as possible.

We create public relations campaigns for business that want to build their brand with massive exposure. We've created PR for non-profits that want to raise awareness of their cause for fundraising and educational reasons. And we've created public relations for government agencies and educational institutions that seek to educate the public on a particular issue, on a public risk or to bring widespread awareness of a public health concern. We can also incorporate live streaming media into your public relations communications mix as well as creating specific online learning modules for your using our in-house eLearning development studio.

And because The Business Firm is a full service marketing agency that creates international campaigns in multiple languages, we can ensure your message is heard globally by the largest possible audience in the shortest possible time.

Our PR services integrate perfectly with your advertising, social media, website, digital and other promotions to achieve maximum synergy and return on investment for our clients.