The Business Firm creates custom, HD-quality video productions for clients worldwide, in multiple languages. Many different types of productions are offered: broadcast television commercials, online video (e.g. for YouTube, Vimeo, iTunesU etc.), video of specific events (e.g. sports finals, conferences, weddings etc.), corporate videos, speaker videos, educational and training videos, explainer videos for eLearning software, webinars, video clips to be used in Apps or games, sales videos, airline safety videos, short films and informercials.

Our professional photographers capture the very best images your organisation needs to create the most professional impression. Stunning photography elevates your brand from good to iconic, providing a spectacular competitive advantage to you. Full digital manipulation of images ensures that the most perfect possible 'look' is created for our clients.

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N.B: The Business Firm does not accept work from clients that produce adult or other objectionable material.



The Business Firm prepares high quality, strategic marketing plans for businesses that will greatly grow your brand - which makes it easier for your sales team to sell. Marketing strategy we create gives you significant increases in sales, increases in profit margins and substantial growth of your brand. Our focus is not only to create wealth for you, but to ensure your brand is highly valuable so it is worth the most money possible in the event your business is sold. The Business Firm is a high end marketing and sales consultancy, offering the full suite of services across all seven parts of the extended marketing mix. Thorough use of modern, state-of-the -art marketing science methodologies ensures our clients enjoy a level of professional advisory rarely offered by the majority of our competitors. We know what money you should spend and what you don't need to. In particular, we have the expertise to guard you from being mislead into incurring unnecessary advertising expenses you would almost certainly be 'advised' to make by typical media sales reps whose agenda is to fulfill their own targets, not necessarily to maximise your media ROI.

Marketing strategy we develop for your organisation always fits perfectly with your business plan - hand in glove - so we ensure you are on track to fulfilling your mission. It is marketing that breathes life into an otherwise inanimate set of business plans. Under our guidance, we will deliver you marketing that allows your organisation to interact powerfully with your market, in a way that your competitors simply can't. Your marketing plan is where the commercial success of your organisation is generated and it is what will ultimately drive you to the most lucrative possible destination you tell us you want to arrive at. If your business is not getting the very best, effective marketing advice; then you will be burning up cash on ineffective promotions - and worse, you will be leaving money on the table for your competitors.

We can help you with all aspects of marketing: starting from sound market research that reveals what buyers actually need; to product development that allows you to create an offering that matches those needs; to correct pricing strucutres; to the full breadth of promotions including advertising, PR, events, websites, online ads, mobile apps, trade shows, radio, TV and social media. We also make sure your stores, surrounds, people and processes are all optimised to deliver maximum customer value that returns maximum business profits and builds your brand in the most cost effective manner possible. You will get from us the most thorough, efficient, highest-producing marketing system possible. Every week that passes without you speaking to us about your business, is costing you money. There is no cost or obligation to get some preliminary advice from us. We're here to serve you.

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