Free Marketing Advisory Service for Businesses & Non-Profits



In an effort to help business owners, high-level managers and Board Directors with their commercial decisions, The Business Firm offers a limited number of consults at no cost as part of its Free Advisory Service. This free service is available both to commercial enterprises as well as to non-profit organisations, anywhere in the world. We can accommodate consults conducted in English and in Italian. (Spanish and Chinese coming soon). The service comes in two parts: firstly, a 15 minute Triage Call is carried out where a qualified business consultant will interview the business owner/decision maker; secondly, there is a follow up meeting where solutions are given. The follow up meeting can be done either online or in person.

The purpose of the service is to help diagnose the cause of any problems you may be experiencing; and secondly, to give you the most appropriate actions required to help you achieve your goals. While there are multiple potential courses of action a business can take upon encountering opportunities or threats, there usually is only one that is actually cost efficient and effective. We tell you what that is during your free Triage Call.

Whether you want to achieve accelerated business growth, greater profitability, expansion to new markets, much larger sales, fundraising goals or want siginificant marketing advantages over your competitors, will can give you some free advice on how to get there.


Request a free service with one of our business consultants to discuss how your organisation can best solve any particular problem and how you can achieve better results. This meeting carries no obligation nor does it carry any charge. It is simply a shortcut for you to find out what is necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.



The Business Firm offers live webinars. These are free, high-quality training events for business owners, managers and Board Directors. These educational, online seminars cover various topics that show you how to grow your business quickly, easily and more profitably. View upcoming Webinars.