Translation of Italian Marketing Materials into English for Selling in International Markets and Global Trade


We Perfectly Translate Italian into English - Conveying the Full Meaning So the Full Impact is Achieved

Our native English translators are all born and educated to University level in Australia. English is their first language and they are extremely proficient at writing the highest quality English text.

All our native English translators are also of Italian heritage; with perfect proficiency in the Italian language and also possessing full knowledge and experience in Italian culture, mannerisms, sayings, humour, metaphors, Italian past-times and passions, sports, current affairs, Italian politics and all the different Italian social and economic constructs that are used in the beautiful Italian language.

Our native English translators of Italian cultural descent are therefore, the perfect translators of Italian text into English.

It is well known that organisations cannot use the grammatically incorrect, nonesense English spat out by Google Translate or Bing's Microsoft Translate, as these return robotic conversions that are riddled with mistakes. Instead, you must present correctly the products and services of your business with a true English representation that preserves the full meaning and and carries the impact the Italian author intended for the reader. Unlinke machine translation services such as those offered by Google and Bing that simply swap words in one language with the direct equivalent in the other (thereby resulting in improperly structured, barely understandable sentences that draw ridicule and look unacceptably unprofessional); our human translators are able to faithfully and accurately capture and convey the entire message in a way that creates the desired emotional state in the English reader - equal to the same emotional state the Italian reader would experience. No software, app or AI will ever be able to effectively understand the myriad nuances in Italian culture and then arouse the same in an English reader.

Italian documents we translate include: websites, pamphlets, catalogues, sales aids, brochures, books, speeches, articles, advertisements, blogs, scripts, product descriptions, promotional literature, reports, fundraising appeals, magazines and other Italian text - particularly of a commercial or sales nature. Of critical importance to any merchant or business is that Italian written marketing materials not only need to be understood by English speakers, but the ability of those materials to create sales is maximised in a way that works properly with native English speakers. We will do that for you. You can rely on our translators in full confidence, that they will create perfect English versions of all your important Italian sales, educational, technical and persuasive documents for you.

All translations we do can be provided to you as simple text (that you can then use as required) or we can supply English translations to you as finished artwork, beautifully designed by our graphic designers in our publishing studio, ready for print or electronic distribution (e.g. PDF, iBooks, Amazon etc.).

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English Language Audio & Video Translations - Recorded English Voice Overs from Italian into English

Our professional audio and video production studio is integrated with our translation team. All Italian text we translate into perfect English by our native English speakers can also be further turned into spoken English recordings - both as audio only as well as a video presented by a native English speaker.

Video and audio has become the most important sales and educational communication type today - and it is critically important for SEO (search engine optimisation) so that your website or electronic catalogue ranks highly in Google...and your business can be found by the billions of buyers in the English speaking world.

Once your existing Italian text, audio or video has been translated into English, it makes perfect sense to then create an audio or video version.

A spoken English version of your Italian message can be easily added to your existing Italian video - with our new English spoken track replacing your existing Italian one - making your video suitable for the whole world and expanding your marketing reach for massive global sales.

And if you don't already have a video, you can simply supply us your existing Italian sales documents, images or technical information and we can create for you a professional sales, educational or corporate video for your organisation - complete with native English narration - as well as Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic versions too.

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Assistance to Italian Businesses Wanting to Sell in English Speakers

The Business Firm assists Italian companies wishing to access English speaking overseas markets such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa.

We create marketing that is culturally appropriate to these English-speaking markets, to maximise success and minimise risks for Italian exporters..

If your business is ready to explore exporting, we encourage you to please contact us to arrange an initial, free Skype consult that carries no obligation for you. Note that we are able to accommodate calls in English and Italian and that all consults are conducted during Central Australian business hours.

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