The Business Firm offers speakers and presenters to organisations or media that require an expert on business topics. We are able to speak both at very large events and at small meetings internationally, as well as give interviews in person or present via online video such as Skype or FaceTime. Clients that use this service use our speakers and trainers for:

  • conferences
  • industry events
  • professional development
  • corporate 'love-ins'
  • learning workshops
  • awards ceremonies
  • trade association meetings
  • board sessions
  • strategic planning sessions
  • brainstorming & facilitation
  • marketing workshops
  • response to current events/affairs/issues
  • media management/training & crisis recovery
  • sales strategy
  • product demonstrations
  • government events
  • fundraising events

Our speakers can present on a number of topics, which can be chosen singularly or a number combined. These include:

  • strategic marketing
  • fundraising
  • sponsorship
  • business planning
  • advertising
  • corporate culture
  • innovation
  • developing information products
  • online marketing
  • distrubtion and logistics
  • eCommerce
  • sales strategy and sales management
  • Lean operations
  • market research
  • successful bids and tenders
  • international trade
  • eLearning and training
  • publishing today
  • websites and apps
  • customer service
  • commercialising intellectual property
  • being a successful author
  • entrepreneurship
  • direct mail, building lists and databases
  • how advertising actually works
  • the truth about consumer behaviour
  • video production
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • online sales conversion
  • sales technique & sales training
  • building databases and CRM
  • digital marketing
  • social media
  • YouTube channels
  • FaceBook advertising
  • iTunes and iBooks
  • the correct way to translate foreign marketing materials into English

Our speakers can travel to your city via our preferred airline on business class. If your city is outside of Australia then an overnight stay is required for each day where that speaker is required to present. We reserve the right to refuse invitations to speak that do not meet our ethical or presentation standards.

To equire about a speaker, presenter or trainer that will suit your needs, please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion about how we can best deliver upon your objectives and best serve your audience.